EFFECTIVE COMPLIANCE, STRATEGIC DECISION MAKING AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE; FUNDAMENTAL APPROACHES FOR FIs ABOVE AND BELOW $50BN Divider Line Regulatory Change • Reporting To The Board • Stress Testing • Model Risk • Risk Appetite • Vendor Management • Cyber Crime • Liquidity • Emerging Risks  



Hear From More Than 25 Senior Risk Professionals Including:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 09.32.06Gideon Pell 
Chief Risk Officer,
New York Life Insurance

Shari Daw
Shari Daw 
Head of Enterprise Risk Management 
Discover Financial

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.03.25Frank Roppelt 
Global Head of Vendor Risk Management
BNY Mellon

MaleSilhouetteOmer Samikoglu
Head of Enterprise Risk Analytics
CIT Group

Critical Discussions On:

  • Regulatory requirements including compliance, gaining competitive advantage and assessing requirements from global regulators
  • Understanding and embedding risk management into all business processes
  • Reporting to the Board
  • Managing vendors and vendor outsourcing 
  • Implementing a consolidated view/culture across the enterprise 
  • Quantifying the risks associated with models and leveraging regulatory requirements 
  • Optimizing portfolios across business units for profit & loss calculation
  • Assessing the applicability of the risk appetite statement
  • Monitoring, measuring and reporting liquidity management metrics
  • Counterparty credit risk reforms 
  • Money market reforms and the move towards a mutual fund structure

Irina Moore NewIrina Moore 
Head of Risk Anayltics & Capital Planning
GE Capital


AlexanderShklyarevsky photoAlexander Shklyarevsky
Director, Model Risk Management

david4David D'Amico 
Mitsubishi UFJ


Bob WordelmannBob Wordelmann
Director, Enterprise Risk Management
TD Bank

Other Speakers Include: 

  • Assistant Director, AIG
  • Chief Auditor, Enterprise Risk, AGF Investment
  • Director, Enterprise Risk Management, TIAA-CREF
  • Head of Firmwide Cyber Program, JP Morgan Chase
  • FVP, ERM Program Director, First Niagara Bank
  • FVP, ERM, Safra National Bank of New York
  • Head of Enterprise Risk Management, TD Bank



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MaleSilhouetteThomas Crimmins 
Director, Risk Reporting


Gurpreet Sodhi Deutsche BankGurpreet Sodhi
VP, Risk
Deutsche Bank

Ferguson Tally1Tally Ferguson
SVP, Director of Risk Management
BOK Financial 

Smita Chaturvedi 
VP, Enterprise Risk Management
Comerica Bank



Agenda Day One | October 27, 2015 
Regulatory Changes - Integrating & Embedding - Emerging Risks - Stress Testing - Model Risk - Risk Appetite Statements
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Agenda Day Two | October 28, 2015 
National & Global Regulators - Vendor Management - Cyber Crime - CCPs - Counterparty Risk - Optimizing Portfolio - Liquidity 
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10 'Not To Miss' Highlights For 2015:

  1. Hear presentations and discussions from More Than 25 Senior Risk Professionals from large, mid-sized and small FI's including; AIG, CIT, Discover Financial, GE Capital, First Niagara, Mitsubishi UFJ, Comerica Bank, TD Bank, BNY Mellon and JP Morgan Chase 

  2. Network with 150+ Likeminded Senior Risk Professionals and experts in Enterprise Risk Management across 2 Days 

  3. Join Keynote panel discussions addressing implementing ERM processes to gain competitive advantage and challenges complying to national and global regulators from FI's including: Discover Financial, AIG, CIT, GE Capital and Mitsubishi UFJ

  4. GE Capital and CIT Group discuss designing Stress Scenarios that are forward looking and account for macro-economic variables 

  5. Understand the applicability of the risk appetite statement and their effectiveness from TD Bank's Director of ERM

  6. Model Risk Management double session Quantifying The Risks Associated With Models and Leveraging Regulatory Requirements At A Mid-Sized Bank 

  7. BNY Mellon discuss the evolving challenges with Vendor Management and Managing Vendor Outsourcing  

  8. Insights from JP Morgan Chase as to The Rising Cyber Threat With The Increase in Digitalization Of The Financial Industry

  9. Latest insights from Mitsubishi UFJ on Emerging Risks And Anticipating What Could Be Next 

  10. Discuss with AIG the Effects of Counterparty Credit Risk Reforms


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